A downloadable Odyssey for Windows

This is my attempt at making a B game


In this game, you play as a little poorly drawed pixelated snail
trying to get to point A to point B. The concept althought is simple, the way you do it is painstakingly slow.

Hold Z to move
Hold Shift (left shift) to hide in shell (birds can't get you when you're hiding)

The game is played in 6 minute long in-game days and each part of the day depends whether you can move or if you die

//times where you can move
Dawn,the last 30 minutes of the Afternoon,night,and when it rains. rocks make you move slower(because rocks don't rock)

//times you can't move
daytime,the first 30 minutes of the afternoon, if you find salt, do not touch!! birds will fly and try to carry you away as food.

Plus, to keep you from getting bored, random events may happen. But i can tell you you more. You need to experience the journey for yourself.


Odyssey by Ethan Torres.zip 15 MB

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